Why PAA?

Enriched Student Life

When a young person sees themselves achieving their goals, they are more likely to thrive in other areas of their life too. We believe in cultivating creativity and confidence by providing extracurricular activities and clubs for students of all ages to explore and develop their personal skills and talents that God gave them.

Proven Success

"When I was in Adventist schools, my teachers inspired me, believed in me, and made me feel important and capable. Their example made a huge impact on my life — one that I take with me today into my own classroom.

While academics prepared me, it was the encouragement to succeed and knowing I was valued that made the biggest difference. The one-on-one engagement with each teacher underscored the potential they saw in each of their students…even me.

Now that I am on the other side of the desk, my mission is to help my students develop the aptitude for every kind of learning. I want them to have a faithfulness without fear, a passion for serving others, and an excitement for the future."

Teacher in classroom

A Sense of Belonging

"I’m not a Seventh-day Adventist, but I chose to send my daughter to an Adventist school because I see how much she is loved there.

The school partners with me and gives me feedback on more than just scores and grades. One of the many reasons we keep coming back is that she feels valued…and her happiness and sense of belonging means everything to me."

We Grow Healthy Children - In Mind, Body, and Soul

Our school and staff offer a safe place for your child to grow, both academically and spiritually. Our mission is to serve our families in a Christ-centered community, expand the ways in which children learn, and build up leaders for life.

We believe character is the foundation for strong education.  Students are surrounded by an environment that promotes and honors strong character.

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We believe that when character is emphasized, students thrive in all aspects of their education.  We know that building character in children is a lifelong process, on that starts at home.  By intentionally surrounding your child in an environment that encourages good character, those values from home are carried over into everyday life.  Children with strong character move into the future ready to positively impact the world around them.