About PAA

Our Philosophy

We Nurture a Passion for Learning

Our teachers are committed to nurturing a passion for learning by providing interaction education experiences for your child. We value hands-on activities and team-based projects as a way to encourage unique learning opportunities and stimulate natural curiosity.

Your child will be taught to use their own sense of wonder and curiosity to explore areas of science, technology, and mathematics, along with developing a deeper curiosity and desire to better understand the Bible.

We focus on modern learning styles that promote activity-based learning and develop each child’s unique passions. Students discover a zest for learning when educational experiences are expanded beyond the four walls of the classroom.

  • Students develop natural curiosity through project-based learning.
  • Students in Adventist school average
    1/2 grade level above
    the national average.
  • Adventist school integrate STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and utilize technology in the classroom.

We Encourage a Sense of Belonging

By joining our school, you and your child become a part of a community. Educators and parents partner together to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to grow. Children learn how to make good, moral decisions — regardless of their creed of belief system. Each student is encouraged to think for themselves and embrace their God-given gifts and talents.

Group of smiling students

  • Students are encouraged to think for themselves and take ownership of their personal beliefs.
  • We welcome people of all faiths
    who desire to learn in a safe, Christian environment.
  • Approximately 30% of attending students are non-Adventist, across the entire North American Adventist Education system.
Two students giving a presentation

We Inspire Confident Leadership

From an early age, your child is given opportunities to discover and share their talents. Students learn how to collaborate on group projects, which builds confidence and encourages interpersonal skills. Social-emotional knowledge is just as important in the success of your child as academics. We encourage our students to grow in the way they relate to one another and the world at large.

Our school nurtures good habits by allowing students to take personal responsibility for their education. This helps instill the skills of proven leaders and world-changers into the heart of each students.

  • Students participate in group projects designed to encourage interpersonal skills.
  • Our school focuses on social-emotional growth as a strong component of character success for our students.
  • We encourage our students to dream big about the change they can make in the world.

We Cultivate a Safe Environment

The safety of every child is important -- not just physically, but emotionally too.  Our school offers a sense of security, allowing your child to feel comfortable learning and exploring.  When children feel safe, they are naturally inclined to ask more questions, share their feeling, and develop healthy levels of trust.

  • Students are kept safe, both physically and emotionally.
  • A safe foundation allows our students to thrive in their learning and growth.
  • Small classroom sizes encourage more mentorship and one-on-one time.

We Build Character

We believe that when character is emphasized, students thrive in all aspects of their education.  We know that building character in children is a lifelong process, on that starts at home.  By intentionally surrounding your child in an environment that encourages good character, those values from home are carried over into everyday life.  Children with strong character move into the future ready to positively impact the world around them.

Our History

How it all started...

Prairie Adventist Academy has been providing quality and caring education in our community since 1955. What began as a small group of dedicated Christian parents has grown to the thriving school family that we have here today.  Three families shared their dream of a better educational experience for their families; one that centers Christ, has quality education and builds a community of support and service opportunities for their children as they grow.  One of those families, John & Sherri Brown, donated the land while all three families donated their money and time to build what would become our school.

PAA started with grades 1 - 6, 12 students and 3 teachers.  We now provide Pre-K - 8th grade, 200 students and 8 teachers, along with after school care, an outstanding music program and robust sports activities.

What started small, God has blessed and grown to what we see today.  Our community is one that cares for each student and ensures that the original focus remains - Christ centered education, strong academics and community.

Our School Mascot

The imagery of the eagle is found throughout the Bible, particularly in Exodus 19:4, Deuteronomy 32:11, and Revelation 4:7, and it represents the divinity of Jesus and God's loving care towards His children.  Just as God brings his people out of Egypt and into Canaan, our children are learning to rely on God to bring them out of the captivity of sin in our world today and live lives free of fear and motivated by love.

Our school proudly adopts the eagle of the Bible as our mascot to stay true to our identity in Christ, and to serve as a reminder that all we do should be modeled after His love.

paa mascot

Our Staff