I love going to an Adventist school because it helps me build a friendship with Jesus. I get to learn in fun ways, like working with my friends on projects and learning outside. I am happy that my parents have sent me here, so I can talk about God in my classroom.


I’ve been in Adventist Schools since first grade. My elementary years were happy ones, thanks to the teachers and staff, who reflected God through everything they did. Early on, we were encouraged to participate, not only in sports, but in music and leading out in worship. This really helped me build confidence. By fourth grade, I was leading out in …


My love for Christ began early during my 16 years of Adventist education. In school, we were encouraged to develop a character that stands the test of the choices made when no one is watching. Now, as a criminal defense attorney, I have the opportunity to share Christ in my day-to-day life. I live for the moments when I see …

male elementary student


I love my school because I feel safe. I gets lots of attention and the teachers help me. My teacher is very caring and nice. I learn about God at home and at school I learn even more! My favorite things about school is the great friends I have made.